The Coin

When you enter the lobby at La Posada, your attention is immediately drawn to the sweeping curved staircase with its Spanish wrought-iron balusters. But closer inspection reveals something most people don’t notice at first. The Italian marble floor contains an inlaid image of a coin.

It’s not just any coin. This is a Spanish doubloon, minted under the reign of Philip V, King of Spain, in 1736. The Spanish doubloon was the most desired currency of its day-and it fueled the engine that drove the world’s first global economy.

Spanish conquistadors discovered gold in Central and South America, among the ancient kingdoms of the Aztec and the Inca. They used it to mint Spanish currency in the New World. The Spanish minted coins that were more pure and slightly heavier than others in circulation, making them more valuable.

The Spanish doubloon was the most trusted form of currency for international commerce for over 200 years. It was the most sought after currency on earth-because people understood the security of its value.

The Spanish doubloon, with the image of King Philip V, was chosen as the symbol of La Posada Hotel because it stands for Security, Trust, Beauty and Value. We aspire to live up to the same ideals-and the coin in our lobby reminds us of that mission every day.

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